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Chevron is working as a partner alongside the City of Edmonds WA to clean up the former Unocal fuel terminal.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lower Yard

Frequently Asked Questions


What cleanup work is still needed at the Site and when will it happen?

The final phase of work is to operate the remediation system which is treating contaminated water and soil vapor so that they may be safely discharged to Willow Creek and the atmosphere, respectively, under appropriate permits.  As part of system operations, we routinely collect samples to verify that we are in compliance with our permits and to evaluate remediation progress.  Cleanup is expected to take about six years.  System operation will be quiet.


What happens with the site afterwards?

Since January 2005, Unocal has been in escrow with the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) for sale of the Lower Yard portion of the former Unocal terminal. At that time, the City of Edmonds and WSDOT proposed that the Lower Yard be incorporated into a relocated ferry terminal and passenger/commuter rail station, known as Edmonds Crossing. The ferry terminal would be funded by the State of Washington. Contact the Washington State Department of Transportation or Washington State Ferries for more information.  Washington State Ferries

Whom may I contact with more questions?

The Washington State Department of Ecology Site Manager, Ron Timm, can be reached at: (425) 649-7185 and emailed at:   You may also email Kim Jolitz, Chevron EMC Project Manager, directly at:


Photos from the 2007-08 cleanup