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Chevron is working as a partner alongside the City of Edmonds WA to clean up the former Unocal fuel terminal.

Cleanup Timeline

2017:  Conducted two remedial actions in the Lower Yard at stormwater Detention Basin No. 2 and at an area in the vicinity of the Washington State Department of Transportation storm drain crossing the site.  Cleanup methods were soil excavation and installation of a dual phase extraction (DPE) remediation system.  The remediation system will remain in operation until groundwater and spoil vapor conditions meet State cleanup standards.   

2016:  Ecology issued for public review and comment a minor change to the legal agreement for the cleanup (Agreed Order) and Ecology approved interim action, a work plan, and a water quality discharge permit for two cleanup projects in the Lower Yard.  One cleanup project is at a stormwater detention basin and the other is near a Washington State Department of Transportation storm drain that crosses the Lower Yard.

Previous major excavation work at the Lower Yard and Willow Creek area was completed in September 2008.  Groundwater monitoring (a quiet activity) has been performed since 2008 to assess the success of the cleanup work.

2015:  Ecology issued for public review and comment an Interim Action Work Plan for cleanup of two areas in the Lower Yard - Detention Basin 2 and WSDOT storm drain. 

2014:  Submitted draft Feasibility Study and addendum to the Washington State Department of Ecology (Ecology).  Continued groundwater monitoring.   

2012 - 2013: Prepared Feasibility Study to evaluate the effectiveness of the cleanup alternatives, including the 2007-08 soil removal project.

2011:   Submitted Feasibility Study Work Plan to Ecology.

2008:   Data collection and monitoring of Lower Yard and excavation of sediment from Willow Creek.

2007:   Unocal signed an Agreed Order with Ecology for the Lower Yard.  An Interim Action cleanup of the Lower Yard begins.

2005: Unocal in escrow with Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) for sale of the Lower Yard portion of the former Unocal terminal.  Phase I of Point Edwards opens with 55 condominiums on site of former Upper Yard. Draft Lower Yard study revised, resubmitted to Ecology.

2004:   Lower Yard Feasibility Study conducted. Level of contamination was assessed, and a range of cleanup options selected.

2003:   Soil was excavated and removed from Detention Basin 1 in the Lower Yard, as an Interim Action cleanup measure.  Ecology issued a letter on October 9 confirming that Unocal has successfully cleaned the Upper Yard. The Upper Yard is declared suitable for residential use. Construction on Point Edwards condominiums begins. 

2002:   125,000 tons of contaminated soil removed from the Upper Yard as part of the cleanup effort.

2001:   Ecology approved an Interim Action cleanup plan for the Upper and Lower Yards. Unocal removed all 23 fuel storage tanks from the Upper Yard, excavated 11,000 tons of petroleum-contaminated soil, and skimmed 2,500 gallons of floating petroleum in the Lower Yard.  

1994:  Fieldwork conducted by Unocal for comprehensive sampling and analysis of soils, groundwater, sediments, and surface water.

1993:   Unocal entered into a cleanup agreement ("Agreed Order") with Ecology.

Department of Ecology Cleanup Process Steps

Major Steps and Definitions

Dennis Sellin, Unocal/Chevron