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Chevron is working as a partner alongside the City of Edmonds WA to clean up the former Unocal fuel terminal.

Welcome to the Cleanup Project at the Former Unocal Fuel Terminal

In August 2005, Chevron Environmental Management Company (EMC) took over management of environmental cleanup at the former Unocal bulk fuel facility in the City of Edmonds, Washington. For almost 70 years, the Union Oil Company of California, as Unocal was then known, provided jobs to hundreds of Edmonds area residents through employment at the bulk fuel terminal and asphalt plant. The site is located at the southern edge of the City of Edmonds, east of the railroad tracks from the Edmonds Marina.

Chevron EMC is coordinating cleanup of the site with oversight from the State of Washington Department of Ecology (Ecology). Ecology established two distinct cleanup areas at the site: the Upper Yard, where cleanup is complete and where the Point Edwards Condominiums are now located, and the Lower Yard where cleanup activity continues.

Since January 2005, Unocal has been in escrow with the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) for sale of the Lower Yard portion of the former terminal.

As the area near the waterfront continues to grow and develop, Chevron EMC is working as a partner alongside the City of Edmonds, the Washington State Department of Ecology, and others, to help in the cleanup of the site.  To date most of the petroleum contamination has been cleaned up in a series of Interim Actions.  

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