Unocal Edmonds home page
Chevron is working as a partner alongside the City of Edmonds WA to clean up the former Unocal fuel terminal.

Unocal in Edmonds Today

Unocal no longer operates a fuel storage facility in Edmonds. Today, Chevron EMC is managing the environmental cleanup of the former Unocal terminal. Chevron EMC's mission in Edmonds is to improve the environmental quality of the former Unocal property leading to beneficial reuse.

Some of the community assets resulting from Unocal and Chevron EMC's management of the Edmonds Terminal site include:

Marina Beach Park

In April 2001, Unocal completed the sale of its waterfront land in Edmonds, including the Unocal Oil Pier, to the City of Edmonds. Marina Beach Park, as it is now known, is a popular place for families to enjoy picnicking and kite-flying on Edmonds's waterfront.

Union Oil Marsh

In 1980, Unocal donated the land for the Union Oil Marsh wildlife sanctuary, an educational and interpretive site near the Edmonds waterfront. Boardwalks along the marsh are popular for strolling and bird-watching, and interpretive signs tell the history of Chevron in Edmonds.

Point Edwards

Unocal sold the Upper Yard property to Point Edwards, LLC for a multiphased residential condominium development.  Over 250 luxury condominiums now comprise the Point Edwards neighborhood. 

Edmonds Crossing

Since January 2005, Unocal has been in escrow with the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) for sale of the Lower Yard portion of the former Unocal terminal. The State of Washington and City of Edmonds have proposed creating a multi-modal transportation hub to be called Edmonds Crossing on the property.

Images: Dennis Sellin